sábado, 19 de janeiro de 2013

Finding myself ♥

U should be happy. U use to be happy. you use to be so happy last time this happened. but you are  cautious now, even if he will never hurt you. you have him, great. but for some reason you dont find yourself thinking positive still. you think about whats going to happen. you go out, you break up. no kisses or make ups. no more best friend. you think about the thousand different ways he could hurt you, because you know that you werent ever the one who moved on or changed your mind. you never had someone else. you had to deal with the pain, hurt, heartache. you had to deal with the aftermath of every single person you ever wanted. and now when the right guy comes along, theres nothing left to be happy about. you are preparing yourself to what is to come. he may be fixing your heart right now but you know nothing lasts forever. and though he might seem innocent, you know that the second you let yourself fall completely for him he will change his mind. here is finally a guy you can love, a guy safe enough for you to fall for. but because of everyone else, you will never give him the chance. please dont fall for me. please. you have no idea how messed up i am. walk away before its too late ♥

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